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1st Birthday Party

Have you ever thrown a birthday party for your kids? How about a party for a one year old?! Oh my goodness I am exhausted! My son turned one year old on May 30th and had his Dr. Seuss themed party the same day. I didn't spend a lot of money on the party but a lot of planning went into it.
 I wanted to step away from the schedule and menu of most parties I've been to. I had the party at 12:30pm instead of 4pm so that 1) Aaron wouldn't be cranky and 2) I could keep the menu light. Most other parties are held late in the day close to bedtime. I wanted to make sure Aaron had a good time but wouldn't be super tired by the end of it.   I also didn't want to provide dinner for my guests. And who wants to stand over a hot grill in the summertime cooking hamburgers and hotdogs, then cut up toppings and worry about condiments? Not me! We just had "cold food". Pinterest came in handy when it was time to think about the menu. There was Macaroni salad, chicken salad, …

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