Birth plan and Hospital bag

 Hey mommies!
 Let's talk about having a birth plan. Most of us probably won't need it but it's helpful just in case. You never know what could happen during delivery. A birth plan is just a document for the nurses and doctors to look at so that they know what you expect and what you want during your labor and delivery process. Things such as your plan for medication and pain management, who you want in the room and anything else that you want set in stone should be documented. Some doctors and nurses will do what they want to do without asking your approval or giving an explanation.
  Then there is the issue of the hospital bag. My thought was always, "What if my water breaks at work?" or some other freak situation. I just wanted to be prepared. My bag was packed at 30 weeks. But I know a big question is, "What do I pack in the hospital bag?" Here's what I had in mine:
-insurance info
-money for baby pictures and birth certificate
-clothes/shoes to wear home
-cell phone charger
-clothes for baby to take pictures in and to wear home
 The hospital gives you underwear that are this mesh type of material that stretch to fit the giant pads and ice/hot packs. But if you don't like those (I loved them and still wear them) you'll be glad you brought your own. The hospital also gives you big pads as well but, again, if you don't like those you'll appreciate that you brought your own. They have little hotel sized soap bars and white towels and washcloths in the hospital. If you know like I know blood and white does not look well together. So bringing full sized soap and your own towel and washcloth are ideal. It's important to pack the necessities but to keep it light as well. Keep in mind that you will have the car seat, your bag and another bag or two for all of the stuff the hospital gives you. Take EVERYTHING they give you! Nipple cream, diapers, wipes, blankets, etc.


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