Lactation Supplements

I'm coming up on 6 months of breastfeeding my baby boy. Hooray! I made it through the sore nipples and the peeling skin. The days/nights of cluster feeding and pacifying are long behind me. Once I went back to work I ran into some supply issues. My son has depleted our freezer stash and he will not take formula so if I miss a pumping session he won't have any milk. Sure I could pump more often but who really wants to do that? When I get off from work in the evening I just don't feel like setting up the pump and washing the parts. So my thought is to take supplements to increase my supply. That way I can pump more at each session. I've tried a couple of different supplements before but, this time, I'm going to try Fenugreek. I got a bottle from a GNC store after searching my city far and wide.  I've read a ton of success stories about it. So let's just see how it goes. Laters!


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