Breastfeeding update: The "6 month slump"

About a week ago I was so excited to say that my milk supply was on the rise and that I could put the days of sore nipples behind me. Well that was true up until about two days ago. I went from pumping 6-8 ounces to pumping 2-4 ounces. Are you kidding me?! I'm so upset! I went online and read a couple of forums and even took to a couple of breastfeeding support groups on Facebook. It was there that I came across talk of the "6 month slump". It seems that babies hit another growth spurt at 6 months. That means they eat more. But if you have started them on solids (which I have but only once per day) they are missing a feeding. So you have to pump a few extra times so that you empty your breasts. Also the extra stress you feel from worrying about your diminishing supply will put a dent in your output. I also read that around this time the stimulation from breastfeeding is no longer strong enough to keep you from ovulating and the hormones will make your nipples sore. The good news in all of this is that it's all temporary. I will have to add in a couple of pumping sessions and quit caffeine. I will continue taking the fenugreek and just wait for it to get better. Ugh. And to think I thought that I was a pro and that I had it all figured out. Ahh the joys of motherhood.


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