8 Month Update

 My baby turned 8 months old yesterday so I wanted to give you a quick update.
He is exclusively breastfed but he has expressed breast milk from a bottle while I'm at work or if we go out. I've been through some ups and downs with my supply but I have been able to maintain it a little bit. I am not very consistent with drinking my Mother's Milk Tea or eating oatmeal (I HATE oatmeal). I know that if I did that my supply would increase. I had to stop taking the Fenugreek supplement because it just wasn't agreeing with him. He went through a bout of diarrhea for a few weeks. It was a really weird consistency so I read the label of the Fenugreek pills and I found that the capsules are made of gelatin. So I stopped taking them and viola! All better. I'm not putting down the effectiveness of Fenugreek at all because it helped me tremendously. It just didn't agree with my baby. I will be ordering another supplement called Lactiful in the next week or so. I've read some good reviews so I'm hoping to have better luck with that. I'll post a link to their website below so that you can check it out. Anyway things have been going pretty smoothly. He's growing and constantly making new discoveries. He's crawling now and pulling up on everything he can get to.
 That's all for right now. I'll be back soon for another product comparison. Stay tuned!

Click the link to go to the Lactiful website. http://lactiful.com/


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