Ameda Store 'n' Pour V. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

This week's product comparison is going to be:
Ameda Store 'N Pour breast milk storage bags vs Lansinoh breast milk storage bags

 What I liked about the Store 'N Pour bags is that when you use an Ameda pump you can pump directly into them. I also liked that they can sort of stand on their own. I say sort of because you can't stand them up while you pour the milk in. I have lost some precious ounces that way.
There are a few things that I didn't like about them.

  1. They rip easily at the top where the little hole is.
  2. The measurement lines are not accurate AT ALL. I pumped into them feeling all excited and froze them thinking I had 2. 5oz in each bag. WRONG. I left my son with a sitter for an hour or so and he drank all of my stash (I only had 3 bags at the time). It turns out that there was only like 1. 5oz in each bag.
  3. They are really short. They only hold about 3oz.
  4. They are expensive. I got mine for free from my insurance company but a pack of 40 will run you $19.99 from Ameda Direct.
 Overall they are pretty good quality.  I stopped using the Ameda Purely Yours pump a while back but I still tried to use the bags. I used them for times when I didn't have a full 4oz to freeze.

The Lansnoh bags are super cute (Lansinoh products all have purple on them. Purple is my favorite color). They are good quality and they hold a lot of milk. The most I've ever stored is 4 oz because that's how much my son drinks in his bottles. But you could probably get 6-8oz in there. Also they have a double zipper so that you can push all of the air out and not lose milk. The only thing negative I can say about them is that the lines are inaccurate. Like the Ameda bags you have to measure the milk before you pour it into the bags. The price point is pretty nice though. You can get a pack of 100 for $16.96 from

 With both of these brands, and with any brand of breast milk storage bag, you want to lay them on a flat surface to freeze them. This makes them easier to store. The flatter they are the more you can stack. I used a metal brownie pan that I kept in the freezer as my surface. That kept them flat and the metal helped the milk freeze faster. You also want to use a "first in first out" system when storing your breast milk. I used a gift bag with a slit cut in the bottom. It's a lot easier than storing them all over the freezer.
 Who wins this product duel?
Lansinoh all the way. They are cheaper, more durable and they hold more milk. For those reasons these bags have been a repeat purchase of mine. Lansinoh has an incredible line of breastfeeding essentials. Check out for a complete list of their wonderful products.
Stay tuned for more product comparisons from 1NaturalMommy! Until next time,
By The Way...
 If you have leftover breast milk storage bags that you feel like you won't use anymore try using them to freeze homemade baby food! They are the perfect size and they may even function as a squeeze pouch. Just a thought. 


  1. Whatever u do, plz do not feed ur son out of anything "Plastic." plastic contains toxins that can be transferred to his emune system.

  2. Thanks for reading my post! I am aware of the dangers of plastic. As a 1st time mom I have just been looking for the easiest way to do things. I work a lot and the storage bags just made it easier for my son's caregiver to thaw my milk and feed him. Thanks for your concern though! Have a great day.


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